Hayley's Sylvanian Families 
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Sylvanian Families

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Welcome to Hayley's Sylvanian Families.

Hello and welcome!

This website showcases my own personal Sylvanian Families collection but also acts as a means of me keeping track of my own collection which continues to grow at a steady rate.  

I have collected Sylvanian Families since I was a young child after receiving the Sylvanian Families board game for my birthday and have been collecting for 20 years. I collect Sylvanian Families from all around the world including the original Japanese and Tomy Sylvanian Families right through to the modern figures available in toy shops and online today. My collection mostly consists of figures but I also collect memoribilia and select buildings and furniture. Hope you enjoy looking around my website and collection photos.

Please note - November 2016 - this site is no longer updated but I have preserved it as a reference guide for collectors

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