Sylvanian Families

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All about me

This section allows you to find out a little bit more about me and what I do when I am not collecting Sylvanian Families.

My name is Hayley and I am 30 years old. I have been collecting Sylvanian Families since I was 7 years old when a friend bought me the Sylvanian Families board game for my birthday. The first figure I ever bought was Maurice Marmalade and I still have him to this day although he does look a little worse for wear. I'll see if I can dig him out and photograph him.

I live in Derby which is in the East Midlands in the UK. I love where I live because it's so central and has some truly beautiful countryside and historical sites. When I hosted the "Travelling Sylvanian" I was able to take some wonderful photos. These can be seen on my flickr account. I have two beautiful cats called Jasper and Cookie. I have one brother but come from a large extended family.

I have recently left my job as a teacher and I have secured a place to train as an Educational Psychologist from September 2014. I have studied at three different universities and I am passionate about improving education for children. I studied for my degree at the University of Sheffield and completed my teacher training at the University of Leicester. I have taught for nearly 5 years, having taught Foundation Stage 2 and now a Year 2 class. I have recently completed my Masters in Education at the University of Derby. 

Outside of Sylvanian collecting I enjoy reading, writing, selling old things on Ebay, sleeping, watching TV, socialising with friends, cross stitching and making my own cards. I'd like to be more active than I am but I currently enjoy walking in local countryside and using my bike when I have time. I'd really like to try geocaching and get to the local pool more than I do.

A few favourites...

Favourite colour: Purple

Favourite foods: Cheeseburgers, chicken, chocolate and chips (I do eat fairly healthily, honest!)

Favourite drink: Hot Chocolate, tea and water.

Favourite TV shows: I love a good documentary but I also like Dawson's Creek, Friends, Midsomer Murders, Miranda, Not Going Out, Only Fools and Horses but also old classics like Stingray and Thunderbirds.

Favourite FIlms: Harry Potter series, Home Alone, Bring it On,

Favourite Books/Authors: Mark Billingham, Jeffrey Deaver, JK Rowling

Favourite music/bands: Take That, Kelly Clarkson, Olly Murs, Westlife, Blue, Backstreet Boys, Jordin Sparks

Media and collection pieces

I have been lucky enough to have my collection or name featured several times in various media articles.

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