Hayley's Sylvanian Families 
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Sylvanian Families

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Items of Interest

This section just showcases interesting photographs or items. All of these photos must belong to collectors somewhere. Please let me know if they are your photos so I can credit you next to the photo.
An unbelievable Japanese Unit House set up. I wish I had enough Unit House pieces to do something like this. Just amazing!
Large Story Telling/Star Performer Waters Beavers.
These are very hard to find both in the UK and US. Their mouths move in time to noise. These ones still work most of the time.

Sylvanian Sets Series

This photo shows several JP sets along the bottom. It is a beautiful picture provided to me by Christina. Thankyou.

Early JP Catalogue Scans

These catalogue scans are lovely. I found them on http://blogs.yahoo.co.jp/toshimitsu_99/folder/1020965.html 

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