Hayley's Sylvanian Families 
(Archived since 2016)

Sylvanian Families

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My Sylvanian Families Collection

You can view my Sylvanian Families collection by clicking on the button below. The page should open in a new window. My collection photos are hosted on flickr and sorted into sets alphabetically to hopefully make it easier to find photos. Enjoy!

My Flickr account mentioned above is no longer online but please enjoy the photos still available on this website

All sets are part of my personal collection which has taken me over 20 years to collect. No items shown in the photographs are for sale. Please do not ask.

Please note - At the start of 2016 I decided to stop collecting and much of my extensive collection was sold to add to my house deposit. My collection photographs are now much reduced. I have left this website up as a guide to                                            collectors. And who knows - one day I may return to collecting! 

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