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Rare Buildings and Sets

This section contains photographs of some rare Sylvanian Families Buildings and Sets. Most of the photographs I have collected over the years on the internet, mostly from auction sites. However, if a photo I have used belongs to you, please let me know so I can credit you next to the photograph. Also, if you have further information on any of these buildings or sets please get in touch.

Japanese Buildings and Sets

Japanese 1980s Release Watermill
A truly beautiful and unique building which was available in Japan for a limited period. It has a fully mechanised wheel and the metal components inside move up and down as the wheel moves. This item is now highly sought after by collectors, particularly with its original box.
Japanese 1980s Release Wooden Log Cabin
Another beautiful Japanese building. It is made from wood and you could also buy wooden furniture to go inside it.
Japanese 1980s Release Wooden "Shadow" House
This is one of the earliest JP buildings. It is known amongst collectors as the Shadow House. It is made from wood.
Japanese 1980s Release Cardboard Theatre Set
This set is beautiful and the detail inside is amazing. It contains several changeable scenes for you to tell Sylvanian stories with.

The original image came from http://www.kichi.com/sylvanian/old/theater/
Japanese Release Unit House Builder Sets
These could be bought in different combinations to construct your own house or building. They enable you to configure a building to meet your own needs.

Original images come from http://blogs.yahoo.co.jp/toshimitsu_99/GALLERY/show_image.html?id=26565102&no=1
Japanese 1980s Release Church
This building pre-dates the UK School but the building is essentially the same shell. However, it has beautiful stained glass windows and church detail inside. It is not clear exactly which figures it came with. From several photos I have it would seem the set definitely came with two priest outfits (black felt ones). The box artwork shows a Timbertop Bear and Slydale Fox wearing these costumes and although I own both the figures I've never seen definite evidence that the building came with both figures. It is a beautiful set though
Japanese 1980s Release Schoolhouse
I've never seen this set photographed much. The school building is actually white. Also included in this photo is the hard to find Big Bear Teacher and Accessories set. I don't believe he actually came with the school but he was available to buy separately.
Japanese Release Misty Forest Caravan
This set is extremely rare and there is only one person I know who has it almost complete. I'm lucky enough to own the box and the caravan shell. The horse actually has little wings.
Japanese Urban Life Release Pink Corner House
This building is part of the Urban Life range released in Japan. The house is of a similar design to the UK Mansion but on a smaller more quaint style. I love this building.
Japanese Urban Life Cafe Terrace
This set is highly sought after by collectors and rarely appears for sale. It was released as part of the Urban Life range in the 1980s and early 1990s. Below is a photo of its box.
Japanese Release Baby Calendar
This calendar came with 31 babies which all wear a numbered jumpsuit. The babies are quite hard to find now and the wooden calendar hardly ever appears for sale.
Japanese Monday to Sunday Babies Calendar
This calendar houses what collectors often refer to as the Monday to Sunday Babies. Each baby wears a jumpsuit with the name of a day on it. There has been some debate about which babies should be included and which babies wear which vest. Several different figure variations have been spotted over the years. The numbers and months all slide out and can be rearranged.

This photo was taken by Norie and it's actually the calendar I bought from her on Ebay.
Japanese Waters Beaver Camping Set
I know very little about this set, only that it was released in the 1980s and comes with a figure and accessories.
Japanese Rabbit Fathers' Band Set
This set contains three rabbit fathers and a selection of accessories. I've only seen it a couple of times during the whole time I have been collecting Sylvanian Families.
Japanese Ivory Rabbit Sister Christmas Party Set
This set contains an Ivory Rabbit Sister in party dress and a selection of party accessories. I've only seen this version once the whole time I have been collecting.
Japanese Timbertop Brown Bear Sister Birthday Party Set
This set contains a Timbertop Brown Bear Sister in party dress and a selection of party accessories. Out of the two party sets this one is easier to find, particularly on JP auction sites.
Japanese Cardboard Church Building
I know very little about this item but it is similar to two buildings released in the UK. It is a very pretty set though,

UK Buildings and Sets

TOMY UK Newlyweds Cottage
This was a set that could be bought at Argos which is a catalogue store. With it came the hard to find Cream Cat Wedding Pair and brown table and chairs. This is also quite a nice picture because it shows the prototype Captain's Crew Figures up in the right hand corner.

This photograph belongs to Jacc Batch.

Buildings and Sets from Around the World

Calico Critters Canal Boat
The boat in itself isn't rare. It was widely available in the UK. However, this version was released in the USA as Calico Critters were going into decline. I've only seen it a couple of times in this particular packaging.

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