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Rare Sylvanian Families Figures from Around the World

There are many figures which are considered to be hard to find or rare by collectors across the Sylvanian Families ranges around the world. However, what makes a figure rare is often subjective and varies from collector to collector. I have put together a selection of information about figures that I consider to be rare. Many of the photos are from my own collection but some I have collected online. If you can see a photo which you believe to be yours could you let me know so I can credit you next to the photograph.

Urban Life Range

The Urban Life range was released in Japan in the late 1980s and early 1990s. At the time, all figures were unique and not available anywhere else in the world. In the early 1990s select Urban Life items were imported to the Sylvanian Shop in London but they were never officially released anywhere else. This made these figures highly sought after by collectors. They are more formally dressed and are perceived to live in high society in Sylvania. However, since there release the figure molds were used by Flair to add these families to the mainstream for collectors. Luckily the clothing and design of Urban Life figures was protected and remains unique to the Japanese Urban Life range. Because the Urban Life range was released pre-internet much of what we know about the Urban Life range is educated guesswork and has been constructed using leaflets released with the sets at the time. The range included families, furniture and some buildings. 

Urban Life Families and Figures

Urban Life Student Boy and Girl
These figures each came with a mini magazine and are highly sought after by collectors.
Urban Life Christmas Baby Sets
All these sets are considered Urban Life releases. They contain either a cat or dog figure from the range. Six were released in the clear plastic boxes and other Christmas sets were released in the heart shaped boxes. The heart shaped box releases are very hard to find.
Urban Life Houses
The Urban Life houses are grand in their design and many were only released in Japan. My personal favourite is the Pink Corner House.
Urban Life Cafe Terrace
This building comes with everything the Sylvanians need for afternoon tea on the terrace. A beautiful building which is now exceptionally rare to find complete.
Urban Life Pink Corner House
The house is of a similar design to the UK Mansion but on a smaller more quaint style. I love this building.
Urban Life Country Hills Deluxe Mansion
This building may look very familiar to some collectors but it actually pre-dates the UK Deluxe Country Mansion. It is a beautiful building which I've never seen except in photos like this. It is pictured with Urban Life figures and the other side is full of Urban Life furniture.

The original image belongs to http://blog.livedoor.jp/meityann/archives/29026354.html
Urban Life Manor
This building is also similar to the UK version but has a completely different colour scheme. It is a beautiful building.
A few more Urban Life photographs...

Japanese Figures

Around the World Series
These figures were released for anniversary years. Some are now retired but some you can still get your hands on. Each figure is dressed to match a country. Can you guess who is who?

Traditional Japanese Dress Sets

The Japanese range is well known for its costume pair figures. I particularly like the Japanese traditional dress figures. Again, these were mostly released for anniversaries.

Doll of the Year
This figure is exceptionally rare. There were only 100 made and each one comes with a numbered certificate.

Asari Chan - #1/100
Kiki - #2/100
Maysie - #3/100
Jacc - #5/100
Jane Hamiliton - #15/100
Joanna - #16/100
Shanta - #17/100
Rina - #31/100
Hayley #53/100
3824Ronda - #7?/100
Tiffany - #76/100
Christina - #77/100
Maki - # unknown
Rockie - #88/100
Candy - #unknown

Thank you to Candy for compiling an up to date list. Do you own Doll of the Year? If so, get in touch and let me know what number you have.
Strawberry Momoiro Rabbits
This family were available by collecting Ivy Points. They were a limited release and come in individual pink boxes.
Glico Icecream Rabbit Figures
These rabbits were part of a promotional competition in collaboration with Glico Icecream in Japan. I'm not sure how many sets were released but it wasn't very many.
Lavendar Rabbit Family
These rabbits were a limited release and are sought after by collectors. They have lavendar coloured ear tips and purple themed clothes.
Grape Macavity Cat Sister and Baby
This pair were a limited release and I believe some sort of prize/promo figure.
Millennium Macavity Cat Mother and Sister
This set came in a pale blue box and was released especially for the Millennium.
Pink Fancy Dress Cottontail Rabbit Mother and Sister
These figures were also released around the time of the Millennium. They are beautifully dressed and glimmer pink in the light.
Toys Dream Project
This was a limited release range in Japan which put a bit of a twist on existing families. Several sets were released but these are two of my favourites - The Moles and the Ducks.
Sylvanian Scenes
There are four of these that were released. These include a figure with a glued down scene. Each should have a plastic cover over the front. The four sets were called Broke the Clock, Bath time, Sleepy Bear and Love Letters. I have a picture of the Love Letters scene which came from an Ebay auction. If this is your photo, please let me know so I can credit you.
Sylvanian Market Series Figures
Some figure sets in Japan came in green and yellow boxes. These could only be purchased at Sylvanian Market outlets. These included Hamsters, White Cats and Ermines (White Otters).
Calbee Potato Chip Promotional Grey Bear Family
This family came in sets inside potato chip boxes. They are now very hard to find.

1980s Little Shops Series Figures

These figures all came with a mini cardboard shop/building. They were limited in their release so are now highly sought after.

Big Bear Teacher
This figure is much larger than your average Sylvanian. He was only released in Japan and is still the only figure of this size.
Priest Figures from Japanese Church
As mentioned in the buildings section I'm not 100% convinced these are a genuine release. However, they are pictured on the JP Church box and are wearing the outfits that come with the church. Either way they are lovely.

Cinnamon Little Bear Figures

These were released around the same time as Big Bear Teacher. Each figure wears a different colour jacket.

1980s Fancy Dress Pairs Series

Each set has two figures wearing fancy lace and silk dresses. The sets available were Wildwood Rabbit Mother and Sister, Babblebrook Rabbit Mother and Sister, Ivory Rabbit Mother and Sister, Timbertop Older Sister and Younger Sister and Evergreen Older Sister and Younger Sister. They are quite hard to find with their original accessories.

2000s Party Dress Series
I know very little about these figures but amongst collectors they are often referred to as the party dress figures.
Green Yellow Frog Figures
These were a very limited release but nobody is completely sure how many pairs were made. Rumours at the time said 10-20 sets were made. They have been seen in a variety of clothing. This is the dress mine came in so she has stayed in it for now.
Chocolate Kimono Rabbits - Promo Item?
This photo was provided to me by Christina. It came from a JP site but nothing is known about these little rabbits. If you have any information, please let me know.
Musical Series Figures
These figures all play a tune when squeezed. They came in a highly decorative box. You can also get an Ivory Rabbit figure that says "Happy Birthday" when you touch her feet. The photo of this figure belongs to Wendy Wilkins.
Epoch 50th Anniversary Chocolate Rabbit Fancy Dress Pair.
This boxed set was released to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Epoch in the toy making industry.

Eight Babies Set

This set is commonly referred to as the Eight Babies set. It was released in the 1980s/early 1990s. Each baby is different.

Three Christmas Babies Set

This set was available in the late 1980s and early 1990s. It includes a Chestnut Raccoon, Slydale Fox and Evergreen Bear Baby. Each figure is dressed in a mini Santa suit.

Baby Flower Pocket Figures
These were released in the early 2000s and each figure comes inside a little felt flower pocket.

I am unsure as to the original source of this photograph.
Snowbunny Bride - White and Blue
Both Snowbunny Brides are hard to find but the blue one is near impossible to find. Both figures are very beautiful.
Older Siblings - Babblebrook Grey Rabbits and Wildwood Brown Rabbits.
Both sets were released in 1985 in Japan.

Japanese Collectors Club Figures

In the 2000s era when you joined the club or renewed you were given a pair of pink baby figures. Several different sets were issued.

Santa Bears - Grey, Honey and Timbertop
These bears were released as individual sets at Christmas in the 1980s.
Teardrop Rabbits
Very little is known about these figures but they have started to appear recently on Rinkya auction sites. Some information on them is available here http://www.geocities.jp/sylvanianworld/figures/td.htm. However it has so far been speculated that these figures were some sort of prize piece or given to Epoch employees. The photos below I have collected over the years.
Sylvanian Market Series Boxed JP Rabbit Variations
It is thought these may be prototypes for the Chocolate Rabbit Family. They appeared on Rinkya in 2013 and sold for a ridiculously high price.

Giant and Oversized Figures

Several different figures have been released which are larger than your average Sylvanian. Some are giant and some are huge. These are all limited release which makes them very hard to find. They were often available as shop display pieces and could not be bought easily.

Tomy UK Figures and Sets

Orange Boxed Tomy Style Figures
A few of these style boxes have been seen over the years but little in known about them. I have the Timbertop Baby Figure but they are rarely seen for sale. The figures are identical to the Tomy blue boxed releases.
Renard Fox Sets.
These sets could all be bought separately and came with individual accessories.

Eric Renard's DIY set
Roxy Renard's Interior Set
Baden and Mikaela's Camping Set
Danny and Carrie's Carousel Ride Set
Hard to Find Adult Wedding Pairs
All of the wedding pairs released are getting harder and harder to find. Three in particular have always been difficult to find. These are:
The Cream Cat Wedding (exclusive to Argos)
The Underwood Badger Wedding (exclusive to SSK)
The Chestnut Raccoon Wedding (exclusive to SSK)
Meadows Tan Field Mice Family
This family are quite hard to find. You could only get the Mother and Father by buying the Meadowcroft Cottage. The babies were later released as a separate set.
Grandma's Coffee Break Set
Woodland Wedding Set
Student Bear Set

Nanny Timbertop and Baby Timothy

Woodland Baby Party Set

Suzette and Basil - Chef and Waitress Set

10th Anniversary Story Book Figures

Three figures were released with story books. These were Cliff Babblebrook's Raft Race, Winky Treefellow Builds A Kite and Bud Timbertop's Sports Day.

10th Anniversary Figure Sets - Early Years and Woodland Creche Set
These four sets were released to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Sylvanian Families in the UK.
Token Collectors Scheme
All Tomy boxes came with numbered tokens on the underside flap. You could collect these, save them up and trade them in for exclusive sets.

Some of the sets and families you could get include:
Chestnut Grey Raccoon Family
Nettlefield Goat Family
Bouquet Skunk Family
Professor Merryweather
Nurse Merryweather
Peter and Pippa - Pageboy and Bridesmaid Set

Also, when you joined the Sylvanian Families Collectors Club you were given Belinda Brighteyes. When you renewed your membership you were given Peter Brighteyes.

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