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Sylvanian Families

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Rare Sylvanian Families Figures from Around the World - Page 2

Tomy UK Figures and Sets - continued

Sylvanian Collectors Club Dome Figures

These sets were created by SSK at the Sylvanian Shop in London. Each one is unique and made up of leftover figures. They make a nice gift.

Six Figure Collector Sets

These sets were a rumour for a very long time. Included are six standard release figures but they come in a nicely presented box.

Tomy US and Calico Critters Figures

Hoppinsett Rabbit and Huntington Bear Grandparent Sets
These were released exclusively in the USA in the 1980s and are sought after by collectors today.
Huntington Bear Older Siblings

These are the elusive Huntington Bear Older Brother and Sister. Up until recently these had only been seen on the side of the School box and were thought to have never been released. These were recently found in the USA.

This photo belongs to Candace Hodgson
Tomy Calico Critters Billabong Koala Bear Family
This family were an exclusive release in the USA and for a long while were the only way to acquire a brother and sister for a Koala family. More recently, Flair released a Koala Family with a brother and sister. Initially this angered many collectors who had spent money acquiring their rare version. Luckily Flair chose to vary the clothing so the distinctive nature of this version still exists.
Tomy Calico Critters Meadows Field Mouse Family.
This version of the Meadows Mice was released exclusively to the USA. These are the only brother and sister figures which exist for the Meadows Mice. Only parents and sit/crawl babies were released in the UK. For a very long time the standing babies were a rumour, only ever seen in promo pictures. A few sets have been found across the years but the standing babies still remain quite elusive. I acquired these from a collector called Wendy. Since this Flair have released a standing Meadows Baby in the sandpit set and in a carrycase.
Intplay Calico Critters Babblebrook Beavers
Just to confuse collectors in the USA a Beaver Family called the Babblebrooks were released. Originally this was the only Beaver twinset but Flair released a twinset in the UK (wearing red and green). This is still the only version where the baby beavers had teeth.

Flair UK Figures

Flair began producing Sylvanian Families in 1998/9 and have continued to do so until December 2013. From 2014, Epoch will take over distributing Sylvanian Families in the UK. The majority of Flair figures are quite easy to find, particularly on the second hand market. However, there are a few sets which are slightly harder to find.

Sparkle Rabbit Jigsaw Figures

Each figure was only available with a jigsaw. These figures are sought after by collectors because they were only available for a limited period.

Plume Owl Family
This family was one of Flair's early releases and unlike most sets has only been released once in the early 2000s. It is now sought after by collectors and fetches quite a price on Ebay. I'm glad it was the first family I bought when I started collecting as an adult.
Professor Butterglove
Professor Butterglove was one of Flair's earliest "Family Life" sets. He originally came with school accessories.
Moss Reindeer Grandparents
This pair originally came with Willow Hall and was exclusive to a toyshop chain. Interestingly these figures are the same size as the parents and are the only set of grandparents where this is the case. Essentially the figures were redressed as grandparents just for the promotion.
Field Trip Set
This set was available for a limited period. At the time of release this was quite an exciting set because we had never seen Hazelwood Mice or Fisher Cats in the UK before.

Grand Day Out Set
A similar set was released in different clothes the following year.

UK Collectors Club Figures

The Sylvanian Families Collectors Club is run by Sylvanian Store Keepers (SSK) at the Sylvanian Shop in London. When you join you get a membership certificate, 4 magazines, a die cast Belinda Brighteyes badge and a choice of an exclusive figure set. Several different sets have been released over the years. These include:
  • Cottontail Rabbit Grandparents
  • Macavity Cat Grandparents
  • Dante Wedding Couple Cat Pair
  • Cheerleader Pair
  • Peter and Belinda Brighteyes
  • Seadogs 1 -  Mother and Brother
  • Seadogs 2 - Sister and Babies

Flair version Giant Figures - Hamleys Toy Store

These were found on Ebay on the second hand market. After speaking to the seller she confirmed they had originally been in Hamley's Toy Store on Regent Street in London. I was lucky enough to bid on and win the Cat in the purple dress which is brilliant because I love cats and my favourite colour is purple :) 

The photos are taken from the auction listings and belong to millionsoftoys.

Other Countries

French Koala Brother and Sister
For a long time these were considered a prototype. They only ever appeared in promotional material and catalogues. Over the last 3 or 4 years several sets have been sighted on Ebay.
Australian White Norwood Prize Figures
Very little is known about these figures but Australian collectors report that they were given away as some sort of prize. They look similar in appearance to the JP Pale Norwood Mice except they have open hands. I think there should be a sitting twin out there somewhere that wears pink.

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