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Sylvanian Families

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Rumour and Prototype Figures

The figures in this section have provided much debate, discussion and sometimes disagreement between collectors. However, it is nice to see them altogether in the same place. My own opinions on these figures are that so little is known about them it is not possible to know for sure whether they were released officially or whether they are prototype leaks from factories. To confirm a figure's authenticity I believe the figure has to have been seen or owned by at least two collectors. So little is known about Sylvanian Families from pre-internet times that much of the information below comes from informed guesswork so many not be correct. Much of the information below is that of my own opinions and other collectors.
Marmalade Bear Twinset (UK/US)
These twins appeared around the time when the Marmalade Bear mold was changed to be a Petite Bear mold. The promo pictures showed the twins as they are in this photo but upon release they appeared in Petite Bear mold only.

Thanks to Jacc Batch for this photo. Original source is unknown.
Corntop Sit and Crawl Twins (UK/US)
This photo shows the only known set of Corntop sit and crawl twins.

This photo belongs to Martika and is available on her collection website.

Norwood Field Mouse Sit and Crawl Twins (UK/US)

This photo shows the Norwood Mouse sit and crawl twins. These have baffled collectors for years until recently when another set was found which confirms they were probably an official but limited release. 

This photo belongs to Martika and is available on her collection website.

Chestnut Grey Raccoon Sit and Crawl Twins (UK/US)

This photo shows the only known set of Chestnut Grey Raccoon sit and crawl twins. 

This photo belongs to Martika and is available on her collection website.

Marmalade Brown Bears in Variant Clothing with sitting baby (UK/US/Taiwan)
This photo shows variant Babblebrook Grey Rabbits and Marmalade Brown Bears. The Marmalade Brown Bears are of greater interest than the Babblebrook Rabbits. My good friend Jonathan directed me to these in an online auction. Very little is known about them but the photograph below may offer some sort of explanation.

This photograph was taken from the auction listing
The photo below was provided by either Jonathan Lau or Jacc Batch (I can't remember!)
Japanese Rumour Beaver Figures
This photograph shows the Japanese Waters Beaver Family. We know the family was released but not this particular version. The baby also has a tooth. These look to be wearing very early JP style clothing.
Japanese Rumour Ivory Rabbit Figures
This photo shows the Ivory Rabbit with two straight ears. Again they are wearing very early Japanese style clothing. These have never been seen except for in the photograph.
Orange Forrestor Dogs
This photo shows some unusual orange Forrestor style dogs. They are definitely Sylvanian. Very little is known about them. This photo was taken from the auction listing but I now have these in my own collection. They are beautiful and I actually prefer them to the original. It's thought they may have been some sort of experiment/prototype.
Mystery Ivory Oakwood Squirrel Figure
This figure was originally found my a fellow collector called Wendy. The Ivory Oakwood is lighter than the original Oakwood Squirrel figures. She also has open hands. This mystery figure is now owned by Jacc.

This photograph was taken by Wendy Wilkins.
Mystery Japanese Tanuki Figures
From discussion with other collectors it is possible these were Japanese Happy Meal release figures. So far several different ones have been found, not just Tanukis. They are of lower quality than standard figures and are slightly smaller. Jacc now owns this particular figure. The father figure can be seen below compared to regular release Tanukis.

This photo was taken by Wendy Wilkins.
Assorted Unknown Release Figures
I was recently directed towards these photos by Jonathan Lau who is a fellow collector. These photos were published on another collectors blog - http://ameblo.jp/uba-chan/entry-11729751249.html?frm_src=thumb_module. I'm not sure what to make of them yet but they are certainly interesting.
Giant Figures - Rabbit Wedding (JP)
This is the only photo I've ever seen of this set. Unsure as to whether it exists or whether the clothing is handmade. Either way it is a very nice set.
Japanese Strange Evergreen Bear Figure and Jointed Timbertop Brown Bear Baby.
These two figures are unusual. Wendy gave me the little grey bear and the Timbertop Brown Bear came from a Japanese auction. He is jointed which is unusual.
Unusual Tan Rabbit Figure from Japan
I got this figure in a large job lot of Japanese figures. She is slightly smaller than the average adult rabbit figure. I believe she may be another one of the rumoured Happy Meal figures. I just don't know.
Japanese Release Wildwood Rabbit Babies
These figures have caused much debate amongst the collecting community. The standing baby is jointed and came to me in a large job lot of Japanese figures. The twins used to belong to Wendy.

Japanese Melon Mulberry Raccoons

These figures are similar to the regular release but are more orange in colour. The photo shown on the right belongs to Wendy and she discovered these figures. Jacc now owns these figures. Since their discovery a Red Panda family has been released.

Flair Henry-Lloyd Chocolate Dalmatian Standing Babies (UK)
This is an early prototype picture of the babies. They were later changed to sit and crawl babies. It was a shame because I much prefer this version.
UK Tomy Chestnut Raccoon Prototype Babies (Photo)
These photos appeared in early Tomy leaflets and show a proposal for the Chestnut Raccoon Babies. Luckily the UK decided to use the JP Chestnut mold. I'm not keen on these strange Thistlethorn/Chestnut figures.
UK Vandyke Otters - Prototype Clothing
The Vandyke's were original slated for release in pale coloured clothes. I used to have the photo for all the family but now only have these couple of images left. As you can see by the time the Lock Keeper's cottage was photographed the family appeared in their clothes as we know them today.

Prototype Captain Seadog Figure

I really like this version with the mad fluffy sideburns. When he was released his sideburns were replaced so they were less fluffy.

UK Snowwarren Rabbit Parents with Bent Ears
This picture shows the Snowwarren Family. Initially they were slated for release with bent ears but this changed upon their release.
Taiwan Orange Chestnut Raccoon Figure
Very little is known about this little figure. She is orange in appearance. Maybe an early test for a Red Panda.

Image from http://cafe.naver.com/sylvanian08/1892
Japanese Instrument Little Bear
This photo is available online but very little is known about the figure.

Image from http://sylvanianfamiliesjp.blog102.fc2.com/blog-entry-253.html
Japanese Panda Family
These were never released despite moving beyond drawing/concept stage. A very nice family.

Other information - prototypes, plans or works in progress

Tomy had initially slated part of the Urban Life range for release in the UK. Some sets were imported and sold by SSK but as records go the Urban Life range never made it for mainstream sale.
UK Tomy Collectors Club Information Pages
These pages often detailed items that were being worked on. The Forest Restaurant remained identical to the Japanese version almost right up to release date. We now have this building in the UK range but it's appearance is completely transformed. It became the white Harvester Restaurant building. Also interestingly the Large Treehouse designed by Tomy is remarkably similar to the one designed and released by Flair.
Flair UK Trade Catalogue CGI image Corgi Dogs
Often before figures are released they are mocked up using computer software. Here is one of the images from a Flair Trade catalogue.
WH Norwood Newsagent Building
This building was never an official release. You could build it using the pieces and stickers issued to club members.

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